Elementary OS review – My primary desktop operating system

I started with Linux mint. After using it for about 14 months and overdosing myself with mints, I switched to Manjaro. It had all the drivers and shiny new updated apps, and I thought I would never return to Ubuntu based distributions.

But after a while….. Well, Manjaro started to behave like evil Santa and started giving me gifts of broken drivers and poor software support. Also, inconsistent UI. Then I was off to find a new OS for my desktop. After watching a couple of videos from Linux experiment (This guy is cool, he uses EOS in his office/work) I thought I would give Elementary a run.

So I downloaded an ISO of EOS (5.0 Juno, few days before 5.1 released, I know I should have waited a bit LOL) and I burned it to my pen-drive and installed EOS (I’ll call it EOS throughout this article) on my desktop.

I’m probably the most lucky man, or Linux is growing super fast. When I started using Linux back then, I had to install Wi-Fi driver from the installer. But now, whenever I install a new OS, it just detects my Wi-Fi card, Bluetooth, my speaker all out of the box. The same thing happened in EOS. I installed it, and I was good to go. I set up my printer driver, scanner driver and it was ready for use. And here starts my journey with EOS

5.1 Update – Stuffs that I didn’t miss

Well, few days after I installed EOS, an update came. This one is major release of EOS code named Hera (5.1). I didn’t even fully explored 5.0 in that time. So I don’t know which stuff was changed or didn’t.

There were few things I noticed was change. The lock screen background. I don’t know who suggested this, I don’t like him/her. Old one better (I’m not a boomer) .

Looks and feel

The default look of EOS is good. I like it. It’s the most polished UI and UX I have ever seen on any desktops. Most people though, don’t like button arrangement of windows. There is no minimize button. But there is right click. But still, you don’t really need a minimize button. If you need one, you can always customize (which I do right after I install any distro).

EOS gives limited options for customizing looks and feel out of the box (cause you will always break stuff if option given). But you still can customize, install theme and change button arrangement of windows with Elementary Tweak Tool.

Someone loves Anime wallpapers!

I installed Elementary X theme and El Capitane icon pack (you want these too? Give me 50 bucks and I’ll send ya, just kidding, I uploaded both to EOS users telegram group). And I really loved the wallpaper that came with EOS default wallpapers.

Ubuntu in core – EOS VS Manjaro

Because EOS uses Ubuntu as base, I’m happy that I can enjoy wide range of apps and the wide supports for drivers of Ubuntu. And its stable. Though I miss one thing, it’s the latest rolling updates which Manjaro has. But still, these can be achieved by adding latest PPA’s. But that creates security issue.

While Manjaro has the latest applications, it lacks support for many apps like Natron2. And sometime I don’t need the latest version of some software like blender. I use blender 2.79 which Manjaro repositories does not have. And Ubuntu has it.

Also, Manjaro likes to heavily theme their default desktops. I think it’s because they want to give same looks and polishes to all of their desktops. But even after this level of theming, Manjaro lacks polish.

EOS is very stable. Cause it is based on a stable core and it has stable release schedule. Thing does not often break because of this reason (I know some of you like to break things, you Arch users).

Manjaro on the other hand, broke my scanner driver. And while fixing that, I messed my system up. So I gave up and moved on.

EOS also have some cool features which I would like to see on other distros soon, like a super cool app store. Where you can buy or download apps and manage them, cool animations, curated apps that specially made for Elementary and super cool resource management. Pantheon is not light. But it works better than Manjaro XFCE (I know, unbelievable).


candy png এর ছবির ফলাফল

I’m feeling lazy. Cant believe I wrote all those. Whatever, Elementary OS and my experience with it is going really well. Finally, I found a-bloat free minimal OS that isn’t much, but at the same time it is. Thanks for reading my shitty review LOL. Kudos if you made it till the last. Here is a fake candy for ya


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