Install TikTok if you want death by cringe

When people talks about TikTok, sometime they bring up Vine and I really don’t see any similarities between these two. TikTok was never created to be like Vine. Heck, there was no TikTok at first, it was rebranded from, maybe because even lip-syncing was hard for an user-base that has about 3 brain cells average.

An average TikToker family

I don’t really give a fuck about a thing on the internet. Unless those things starts to interfere with my daily internet experience. All I do is watch some videos on YouTube from my favourite YouTubers even when Google fucks with my privacy. I admit, this is the part of garbage I can’t escape from. Now, for some reason companies took a look at TikTok, and thought to themselves “wow, their profit is swelling like a herniated scrotum by giving a group of useless shits a reason to exist”. Why not do the same, said YouTube.

The real issue with TikTok is nothing. It is me personally who hate it so much, that I’m not interested in what sort of other things are in it, but if you tell me I have to spend a portion of my time looking at some teens doing stuff that doesn’t make any sense or I can just drink cyanide and die, I’ll take the second option. I don’t want my tombstone to be etched with “Here lies Mahbub, died in cringe”.

The contents of TikTok is valuable for researchers who are interested in researching on stupidity and degeneracy. You swipe your fingers on the screen, it presents you with a video of a group of teen walking in slow motion. And that’s it. For a minute or so. 60 seconds of walking in slow motion, sometime with additional filters and sparks.

This TikToker was arrested for gang violence, and guess what influenced him!

Contents also changes from location to locations. So if you open TikTok in the US, you will see that the US school system has drastically failed and rich parents who could only pass “rich” part of their genes and not the “brain” part to their children. And if you open TikTok in any South Asian country, then I have questions about your sanity.

Kids in the 90s did cocaine and parents were used to be anxious about their behaviour. Kids now do TikTok and Instagram. Parents are happy that their kids are not addicted to dangerous substance, only sexually exploited by 40 years old men. 60% of TikTok users are kids, and the rest of it are grown ups with mental issues.

By the way, you may want to read this and monitor your kids you fucking morons.

By installing TikTok you get two things. Special state privileges for disability, and a personalized thank you note from Xi Xing Ping for taking part in global surveillance the community. There is no division or separation, everyone is equally retarded. So yeah, YouTube is welcoming them too so it’s a nice privilege for TikTok content creators (hehe, creators).

You see, YouTube started to become asshole like every other corporate cocks. Now they want more. So they are testing something called “Shorts” beta. It’s simple, people can upload from mobile in vertical format and earn nothing from it. And now, TikToker took over the feature already. Even when you are a normal person watching military stuff and news, the algorithm suggests you TikTok shits.

This happens because of few things like the keywords used in those videos and context collected by the bots. The bar of TikTok contents are so low, that you can label a third grader science experiment as “Real Science and shits”. So one time you watch NileReds science short (coolest channel by the way), the next you get a dozen videos labeled “Crazy science facts that you already know if you’ve ever been to a school for god sake”.

YouTube labels them as informative

So dear TikTokers, please stay the fuck away from YouTube. Go shit other places like Facebook and Instagram where you will find similar IQ audiences. Please.

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