Whats on my “most used apps list”? Games, apps and what I do mostly.

My desktop shortcuts AKA most used apps

So I use Linux for everything. My workstation runs on Linux, my home computer also runs Linux. And also my server runs on Linux. And I do lots of things in these machines. So what are the tools I like most in order to get my work done, and why. I will write here in this post. So here is my list of foss apps I use mostly everyday.

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Why I ditched windows for my business – An ultimate comparison

I have a small business. And I have to do lots of tasks on my computer daily. All I care about is getting my work done. I was neither total noob, neither Im a tech god. I just wanted to do my own things in peace and without any problem. But windows did a lot of things that made me to say goodbye to it for good.

Here is a list of those things.

(Its my own experience. Your experience may differ from it and some may not go with your current experience. So keep that in mind)

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Why I switched to Manjaro – Podcast

Mahabub’s Podcast

Switched to Manjaro – Manjaro formed company – My new experience on arch based distribution

Mahbub Hasan | 4:50 minutes

Welcome to another podcast of mine and in this episode I talked about my new experience switching to Manjaro, an Arch based Linux distro after being a long term Linux mint user. How it feels in this totally new environment? How Manjaro is? What I noticed after the switch? All questions answered in this episode. Hope you guys will like it. Thanks for listening

Host – Mahabub Hasan | Recorded and edited in Audacity | Cover created with Inkscape

Our company logo newly designed by me

Goalhost current logo
New logo for goalhost

This one is finalized after some trials. This new logo contains greener color pallets. It feels fresh. The font I used is Raleway. Which is an Open font. I used thicker font weight for the text. Please feel free to criticize and leave comment. Every comment will be helpful for my future works.