Sour cream and onion chips taste battle

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I am a regular chip gobbler. To the point where I’ve probably tasted every chips available in my locale. Not only chips, but pseudo chips. I mean chips that are actually not chips, but tastes like chips and vice versa. Now, there are plenty of favorite chips I consume every other days. But there are only two flavors I like most.

Number one is of course cream and onion and their variants (which are all the same with slight name changes). Lays has their American style cream and onion, Kurkure has the sour cream and onion name, and Pringles default flavor is cream and onion if you come to our local shops. Everyone kinda prefers C&O Pringles over the original, it seems.

Now. These are not the only ones. I have tried dozens, most of them are from far away, and I don’t really think those chips as my go to when my glutenous arse wants to nom on a bag of artificial flavor poison pellets. You have ever seen the packaging of Doritos Stax? I’m confused if they are selling chips or a bottle of men’s hair shampoo.

I mean, the biggest selling point of these chips are that… They come in a can. Yeah, not particularly interesting there, Doritos. So we are instead going to compare three products that I think deserves a big thumbs up. These three products are Lays American Style Cream and Onion, Kurkure Cream and Onion, and, Pringles Sour Cream and Onion.

So let’s begin

Let’s use a comparison table:





Taste levels

Harshness: 3/5

Sweetness: 2/5

Green: 3/5

Umami: 3/5

Pack serving: 2/5

Harshness: 2/5

Sweetness: 2/5

Green: 3/5

Umami: 3/5

Pack serving: 4/5

Harshness: 3/5

Sweetness: 1/5

Green: 2/5

Umami: 2/5

Pack serving: 3/5

Taste description

Slight tang, moderate lactic sour, hint of sweet onion taste with no smell or texture of onion. Flakes of small green leaves can be seen, does not make much difference.

Very low amount of sharp taste, has hint of sweet, but since the harshness is low, the sweet and creamy flavor comes out quite nice. Quite the balance between each major compounds. It has a rice kinda starch texture because of rice meal, and the greens are more prominent.

The only chip in this list that you have to stop eating in between to not destroy your mouth. It does have most tanginess in this list, and tastes harsh. Even if it is harsh, the taste is unique, and I end up forgiving it for some reason. It has the most starchy texture in this list as well.


Leaves a slightly sharp and metallic taste in mouth after swallowing.

Leaves a sweat creamy after-taste.

Burns your tongue if you eat too much, otherwise a corn/sandy after-taste with hint of green

Best paring

Green chutney, sprite or 7up.

Sweet yogurt, coke, coffee.

Sweeter sauces or drinks. You’ll need more water with it.

Overall personal rating




There are chips that I have tried with slight changes in flavor despite having the same label. The new and old Kurkure has slight taste difference, possibly for chemical changes. Anyway, I wrote it while trying new shelf products and not the old.


So in short, these three are my favorite chips, and they are very close to each other in terms of personal preference. Kurkure scored the highest because they are the one who struck the best balance. So here you go. Voice your own opinion in the comments.

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