Luck (2022) animated movie review—Absolutely bland.

I think they made this movie for kids, but even then, I have seen a lot better children’s animated movies that are significantly better. This movie felt like a badly dubbed YouTube kids video.

I started watching it, and I felt the minimal effort put into the whole film, in the first few minutes. Animation was smooth though, but the elements and environment were very bland. I think. It won’t be fair to compare it with big studio films, but still, for around 200mil, I don’t think the studio put much effort into making it.

And the monologues are also bad (“Winner winner chicken dinner”? Seriously??) The first good part is meeting with the cat. Then after a few minutes, it becomes boring again. The cat is interesting, and the voice acting here has a hint of Shrek (Scottish sounds funny, I guess).

The most interesting part starts at 1 hour 11 minutes, or the last 3/3 part of the film. Y can skip through most of it, and you will still get the story.

4/10 Ratings

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