Puss In Boots: The Last Wish – How to live a life

Who is your favorite fearless hero? My heroes are not fearless. And rightfully so. Being fearless comes at a cost, so does being too frightened. But if you are just the right amount of fearless and also feared, then you will be able to fend off carelessness.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish tells a tale of a cat with nine lives who lived eight of his lives fully, albeit carelessly before realizing he is on his last life. On every wrong move, he now sees death and gloom.

Death is a sensitive topic and you don’t see a lot of kids cartoons covering it. And for the last 2/3 years, there haven’t been any noteworthy animated films anyway. Except for Soul, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio maybe.

Puss in Boots isn’t the great film, or film of the decade, but it’s still a great comeback of the Shrek universe! And it’s big news, since it directly teases a new Shrek sequel (or prequel, who knows).

There is something special about this film. This is one of those Pixar level films that dares to surpass the quality and quirkiness of Pixar films. Pixar is not the gold standard of course.

But, Puss In Boots definitely scores in the story telling, the animation, sound design and special effects! This is the first DreamWorks film I have seen painted color texture on a 3D environment, brilliant use of frame rate and comic styling.

This movie employed the same kinda tactics as Spiderman Into The Spider Verse, but in a subtle way. Keeping the DreamWorks aesthetics, but nailing the fast paced but beautifully choreographed action sequences.

I feel like I’m being heavily biassed here, as other films I have seen employing the same tactic did better, but seeing this gives me hope that I can expect more from the studio.

The story is also touching, and sometimes spooky. Without giving a spoiler, I’ll describe some of it. Puss is a fearless outlaw who is basically full of himself. Kinda selfish guy.

After an incident, Puss dies and goes to the doctor only to hear that it is his last life. His eighth out of nine lives have been passed carelessly. Hearing the news, Puss becomes distressed.

He then meets the antagonist of the film who was waiting all these years to take him out. Puss, being defeated in his first battle, cowardly runs away and buries his identity as Puss.

After he hears about a star that can grant one wish, he prepares for a new adventure. But he is not alone. Fairy tale characters and the scary antagonist waits for him at the gate of the wishing star.

The story is not that complex but is twisted and fun. Shrek and the spin offs like to play with already known fairy tales and twist them to make a story so far from the original. It’s fun and exciting.

This installment of Puss in Boots does it with extra fun but also extra touching ways. There are tear shedding moments. There is a puppy, and there is a scary AF villain (probably one of DreamWorks most terrifying villains).

All these things made this film memorable and enjoyable. Especially for the adults. Watch this movie when you want happiness in an authentic sense and not artificially.

I rate this film 8/10, and I want to watch it again. Also, this post is part of The Penguins Club BlogTalk event. Check out the whole ordeal here:


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