Disenchantment review – Binge-worthy and excellent show with memorable characters

There are shows I really really love because of characters. Avatar the last airbender is still my favourite because of the characters. Everybody had a part in the story and they were relatable. I felt anger, hate and then suddenly sad and empathetic for a character because the creator managed to create something exceptional.

From Prince Zuko to Aang, I felt their emotions, I had the chance to live in their moments and feel something real for an animated character that doesn’t exist. As a normal viewer, I enjoyed that a lot. Characters. Lovable, hateable, relatable.

Not every good shows had good characters. Infinity train replaced star position of Gravity Falls in my list. But I could not find the characters themselves as much interesting as that of Gravity Falls.

On the other hand, The Good Place (not an animated show) was a good show with both a great story and best character development.

Now, Disenchantment is kind of a show that I can enjoy even when there are issues with plots and other stuff. That is because I really loved the characters.

When I started watching it, and the first episode started. I was like “another boring brave princess related show”. I’m glad I did not stop watching. There was more to it after each episode ended. I was annoyed by the suspense but it was good. I really enjoyed almost all of it.

Turned out Bean is not a “Disney singy songy princess, but with a sword” kind of princess. But a drunk, stoner, useless, troublemaking and always on the run princess who’s stepmom is a lizard and father is a fathead king. Bean is kind of wasted because nobody really cared about her. Her father is sort of a failour too with kingdom waiting to fall catastrophically.

While the King tries to get his Kingdom back on its feet, Bean steps up to become useful for once as she is the consequence of many of the problems. But with her, you get a demon, and an elf. Pretty odd team but they become the best team in the show.

One of the reason I enjoyed it so much because of the comedy. They made something horrible like execution funny and laughable. Actually, what is even missing in this show? Betrayal, twists, hard realization of how romance works, mermaids, mermaid lovemaking, lots of mermaid again, machine, lots of backstabbing and blood.

You get to see a lot in this show, a lot of stuff to enjoy. But the thing is, you can relate to many of the things. I remember every character from this show and they had their parts in it.

I don’t want to give any spoiler, but there are least expected twists. In second I started hating the character I was happy about, and started loving characters that I hated at the beginning. The whole trio of Bean, Elfo and Luci was in the heart of the show and neither of them was less important.

This green guy Elfo, is my favorite character in the whole show. He is small and funny, but has a big broken heart. But in this show he was an inspiration. Of how physical shortcomings are never a barrier for reaching great height. This guy got mopped in his face a lot, a bit sad and jealous but really really likable and definitely one of the best.

So, three seasons as of the date of writing and 30 episodes in Netflix. Never lost interested or felt bored. A show which has magic, woods and adventure but not cringe and childish! This was a great run and I’m waiting for the next season. This was worth the time and definitely goes to my list of favorite shows.

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