Here are some projects I have worked on based on no particular order or sorting.

System and application UI design for the ever-evolving ecosystem of Murena /e/OS, the world’s first-ever deGoogled Android OS with a custom user-friendly design system

Design UI for Ecloud (now Murena Cloud), a privacy focused synchronized cloud solution for email, files, notes and more. Alternative for Google services and cloud.

Animated banner/infographic for, made with Adobe After Effects and Inkscape. Check the animation out here.

Designing and deploying the homepage for Letter, a privacy friendly email provider for personal and enterprise.

Design CX – UX, custom development for Market by Techno FAQ, a digital marketplace for SaSS, Enterprise server and other digital solutions.

Designing and deploying The Penguins Club, an online magazine about FOSS, business, technology and Linux.

Design branding, icons and graphics for NixFAQ, an online magazine for all things FOSS and Linux.

There are hundreds of other projects that I may or may not upload here. Kindly check out my Behance and other links to see my other works. Links in the site menu.