Making documentations better

I mainly do design related works. But I also love writing. For the love of Linux, I wrote for NixFAQ and Technofaq for a while now. Im well experienced in high quality writing and that is because I follow many good writers on hundreds of medias and try to learn from them.

Apart from writing technical or general article, I have an interest for other kind of writings. One is Documentation. Documentation is very important for users who want to know basic stuff on their own about a product or service. If you write a bad documentation, there is a chance people will ask for help in the support.

I always try to add contents, contexts and tips to the documentation along with clear writings. This helps users to understand what to do with clear direction. When writing documentations, you have to defeat some biases. Curse of Knowledge is when you assume other people understands something but in reality some people even struggle with signing up for a thing.

When you try to write stuff, sometime there is an urge to skip a part. This can be done with articles, writing in short and publish it. But documentation needs details, always. Just imagine a kid, who asks lots of question and you have to answer all of them. Being lazy while writing documentation leaves the readers confused.

I really love writing documentation. It is tough, it is exciting and a long long task. More stuff you have for a product or service, the more things needs to be written in documentation. A good documentation can take up to few weeks.

Do you write documentation? What do you like or hate about your experience?

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